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Analysis on ACC Tax

ACC Tax? Yes or No

ACC Tax!  WHAT ?!! More tax ?! That’s my first reaction when I heard about ACC annexation.  For those of you who don’t live around Austin, TX area, ACC is a local community college in Austin, TX. ACC serves 19 different school districts around Austin, TX.  Unfortunately, only 8 school

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Five Questions to Understand Your Money Story

Last week, I shared a money story about a young man who broke out from the common belief that high school kids should work at the fast-food restaurant for their first job, and made $100 per hour doing what he loved, instead of $100 per week from the fast food

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What’s your money story?

During one summer break, a father told his son to get a summer job, with the intention that his son learned about hard-work. The boy didn’t know what kind of job he should apply to, and the father quickly suggested a fast-food restaurant. The boy made $100 after one week

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Are You Stubborn or Determined

I thought the word “Stubborn” was created to be the “evil” twin of “Persistent,” “Determined” and “Iron-Willed. It seems like the core value of “Stubborn” and “Determined” is absolutely the same. They are the characteristics that keep you going when you feel like fighting against the world. Whether it is

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4 Steps to Finally Lose Weight and Make Money

The new year is only two days away, and we are done with all the Christmas parties. If you look at your scale right now, you are probably 2 or 3 pounds heavier than 2 months ago before you stuffed all those turkeys, mashed potatoes, and the 4th serving of

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How I Started My Blog

Back in March 2017, one of my TVs just stopped working. The TV was only four years old, but unfortunately, many of the “smart TV” channels/features have been discontinued and it stopped working. So, it might be time to replace the TV anyway. However, instead of buying a TV immediately,

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