19 Social Media Engaging Questions

Asking an engaging question is your key to get more followers on social media. Most social media has an algorithm that will push a high engaging post to more people to get more engagement.

Just like in real life, when you go to a party, you don’t really want to spend the whole night listening to someone who just talks about themselves. Do you? We all prefer to hang out with someone who is very engaging either by telling a compelling story, or simply asking us the right questions and let us do the talking.

The same rule applies to social media. If you want to have an engaging post, you need to learn how to choose those engaging questions.

Create Engaging Questions

These are a few tricks to create engagement with people or followers.

Keep it simple and easy to understand

Please limit your engagement question to just one topic. Make sure they can understand the whole context from just reading one sentence. You should try to keep your questions less than 20 words, if possible.

Make the other people look good

You don’t want to highlight other people’s problems or make them vulnerable in the public. Who likes to be humiliated or admitting their weaknesses in front of a stranger? Not me!!

Ask for their opinion

Everyone has opinions and advice to give. Give other people a chance to voice their thoughts to help you solve a problem. This can be a good way to understand your followers and build a stronger relationship.

Be friendly

The obvious way to make friends is to be friendly, respectful, and caring.

If you’re the kind of people who can’t listen for other people’s opinions, stay away from discussing politics, religions, or the best font to use for a website…. or pretty much anything. Even if you find people with the same interest or goal, you will not be a 100% match. So, learn to be friendly, respectful, and caring.

Make it fun

Most people who use Facebook are looking to network passively, so they are more likely to engage with you if you are fun and entertaining. Use memes, funny stories, or humorous videos to grab people’s attention. Encourage other people to be part of the conversation.

Engaging Questions That You Can Use Today

Here are the 19 engaging questions that you can use to attract more engagement with your post.

Emoji Survey

  1. 🍩 or 🍉?
  2. 🏃‍♀️ or 🚗?
  3. 🐶 or 😺?
  4. 🌊 or 🏔?
  5. ⛈ or ☀️?

General Questions

  1. What’s one nice thing you could do for others today?
  2. If you win a Powerball jackpot, how would you spend your money?
  3. If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
  4. Share your favorite quote that motivates you on a rough day.
  5. What could you talk for 30 minutes about with absolutely no preparation?

Current Trends

You need to replace the placeholder with whatever is trending right at the time you’re posting this question.

  1. What’s your [favorite/top 3] [action/comedy/chick flick] movie for [enter year]?
  2. Which [enter trending TV show/movie] character best represent you?
  3. Who do you like to hang out with? [Famous people 1] or [famous people 2]?
  4. What’s your all-time favorite book on [personal finance / keto diet / any subject]?

Fill in the Blanks

  1. My favorite way to relax after a long day is ________.
  2. ___________ always make me smile.
  3. During cold winter night, I just want to ____________.
  4. I wish I had _____________ to ____________.
  5. You can enjoy the best pizza in New York at ____________.

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