Are You Stubborn or Determined

I thought the word “Stubborn” was created to be the “evil” twin of “Persistent,” “Determined” and “Iron-Willed.

It seems like the core value of “Stubborn” and “Determined” is absolutely the same. They are the characteristics that keep you going when you feel like fighting against the world. Whether it is starting a business, going for a higher education, being a movie star, or losing 10 pounds.

We know for sure, the haters will call you stubborn right off the bat for not listening to their idea. But, more importantly, what do we call ourselves?

Stubborn or Determined Test

What do you think about the following statement?

People do NOT need to breathe to live.

What was your first reaction when you read that statement? Do you agree? Disagree? Start thinking “why am I reading this blog when the writer is so dumb?” Or intrigued?

What if I rephrase the statement to “people over 3 years can hold their breath for 2 seconds and stay alive.”  Do you agree with that? If you still don’t agree or you might argue they are totally different statements; I respect your opinion on that too.

I am here to help you explore and understand yourself. I’m not here to judge you. So, whatever decision you made based on the above test is right.  It just depends on how you see it, and how effective we use language to communicate.

Are You Stubborn or Determined?

Based on my research, personal experience, and reflection, the main difference between “stubborn” and “determined” is in your ability to listen and analyze other people’s opinion when it is different than what you believe. Stubbornness indicates the resistance to change under any circumstances. Determination signifies a process of completing something by considering other’s advice, research, or taking calculated risks.

However, the lines between “stubborn” and “determined” become unclear when you are taking a big leap of faith to new and breakthrough ideas. The best way to go through this path is by surrounding yourself with people who made those “leap of faith,” and learn about the struggles, mindset, and the environment to be successful.


While “stubborn” and “determined” might share the same characteristics in achieving a goal, the main difference lies in the process of taking feedback from others to help you achieve your goals. Determined people consider other people advice. Sometimes, you’re stubborn because you are in the wrong environment. Do you have the right people around you that share similar goals?

Share Your Thoughts

What thought or feeling did you have when you took the test? Did you agree or disagree? What’s your thought on stubborn vs. determined? What’s your definition of those two words? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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