Six Keys to Discover Your Passion

Following your passion brings personal power and awakens yourself to the charm of the world. It leads you to the heart of a personal journey as it alters your thoughts, perceptions, and sensations. Finding your passion does not assure an easy life rather an abundant life open to hopes and possibilities.

Here are the 6 Keys to Discover Your Passion

1. Practice Gratitude

Passion means something that you have a strong emotion toward. In my humble opinion, practicing gratitude is the most important part of your self-discovery and finding your passion. It won’t be easy for you to find a passion if you’ve never appreciated anything that you have or come to you. Pay attention to your emotions and your surrounding.

How do you feel when you’re stuck in a traffic jam? Do you see it as a problem? or an opportunity to improve yourself by listening to a podcast, a quiet time for yourself, or maybe practice your singing without any judgment from others.

If you want to start practicing gratitude, try to write down 1 or 2 things that you’re grateful for in the last 24 hours.

2. Be Open for Assistance

You must likewise bear in mind that you are not an isolated being– you require the support of family, good friends and positive-minded social circle that will help you reach your goals.

3. Open Up Your Senses

When you open your senses, you tend to experience God’s blessings and you feel more tranquil and serene. This allows you to be more patient and be advised of the cycle of nature. When you experience this you become more positive and calm.

4. Give yourself time for self-indulgence

Waking up in the morning away from hectic schedules and having the freedom to do the things that bring you pleasure? To discover your passion you need to allow yourself time for self-indulgence.

For many people, enabling pleasures induces guilt as it is not productive and prevents you from getting crucial things accomplished. However, this view of self-indulgence is, in fact, a matter of opinion.

Gentle pleasures are great for your health and are efficient. By permitting yourself time for self-indulgence you end up being more concentrated and enthusiastic in your job.

5. Liberate yourself

An individual who discovers her passion is a truly wise person. Doing a work that reflects your character and worths assures you long-lasting happiness and contentment. It is simpler and liberating when we accept who we are and we enable other individuals to accept us too. The human mind is a holistic system, to numb one part of our being is to numb the rest and produce constant struggle.

6. Feed yourself with affirmations

Affirmations are necessary for discovering your passion in life as it makes you feel secure and optimistic about reaching your goals. Many individuals don’t get to their destinations out of fear of failure. Give yourself permission to fail because that’s how you the only way for you to grow.

How many times did a baby fall down before she learns to stand up for 2 seconds? How many times did she fall down before she finally learns to take her first step?

I understand there are some individuals who may influence you into believing failure is the end of everything. It’s not so easy to shut them out of your life. However, it’s much easier to practice blocking the unfavorable energies that they bring into your life. Keep your mind in peace and try to find a new group of people that can support you.


Discovering your passion is an endless song. When you do the important things that you are passionate about you enable you to let your life grow. You let yourself connect to everything you are; in mind, in heart, and in spirit. You feel more alive, favorable, self-respecting, and determined. You live your life with confidence and high spirits. And you feel you are contributing goodness and positivism to the people in your life.

Four Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Defining Your Online Business Niche

New bloggers and online business owners will have an almost impossible time of starting their new business without first establishing trust with their target audience. Too many business owners enter the online world of blogging or business and choose a niche that they know nothing about because they are more focused on the money they could make, rather than on the knowledge they can share with their target audience.

Here are some more common mistakes that you will want to avoid when defining your niche.

1. Choosing a Popular Niche Because it Looks Lucrative

Selecting a niche based on how lucrative you think it will be can end up being a big mistake that stops your business before you can get it off the ground. For example, if you’ve never made money blogging, how can you try to teach others how to blog and make money from home? If you want to have a successful blog or online business, then you have to have a certain level of experience and knowledge in the niche you chose.

2. Choosing a Niche That is Too Specific

If you try to start a business around a single product or service, you will limit your ability to grow your traffic and revenue. When you choose your niche, you need to try and make sure that you can broaden your reach in the future. Before you limit yourself to a single topic, perform a Google search with your keywords, and see what phrases Google suggests. Scroll to the bottom of the results page and take note of the “searches related to . . .” list.

3. Choosing an Oversaturated Niche

On the other end of the spectrum is the niche markets that are oversaturated with the competition. If you’ve chosen a popular niche, it could be incredibly difficult to become known by your target audience. If your expertise lies within one of these niches, then you will have to write professional, information-packed content that solves your target audiences’ issues if you want to become well-known in the niche.

4. Choosing a Niche with an Offline Target Audience

Believe it or not, not everyone is online. Before you pick a niche, you have to determine your target audience and find out if they are online and where they spend their time. If you discover that your target audience spends their time on Pinterest, then that is where you should market. Do this research before you choose a niche to ensure that you will be able to reach them online.

Finding the right niche for your online business doesn’t have to be hard. Keep these common mistakes in mind as you move through the process to ensure that you find the right niche so you can build a profitable online business.

19 Social Media Engaging Questions

Asking an engaging question is your key to get more followers on social media. Most social media has an algorithm that will push a high engaging post to more people to get more engagement.

Just like in real life, when you go to a party, you don’t really want to spend the whole night listening to someone who just talks about themselves. Do you? We all prefer to hang out with someone who is very engaging either by telling a compelling story, or simply asking us the right questions and let us do the talking.

The same rule applies to social media. If you want to have an engaging post, you need to learn how to choose those engaging questions.

Create Engaging Questions

These are a few tricks to create engagement with people or followers.

Keep it simple and easy to understand

Please limit your engagement question to just one topic. Make sure they can understand the whole context from just reading one sentence. You should try to keep your questions less than 20 words, if possible.

Make the other people look good

You don’t want to highlight other people’s problems or make them vulnerable in the public. Who likes to be humiliated or admitting their weaknesses in front of a stranger? Not me!!

Ask for their opinion

Everyone has opinions and advice to give. Give other people a chance to voice their thoughts to help you solve a problem. This can be a good way to understand your followers and build a stronger relationship.

Be friendly

The obvious way to make friends is to be friendly, respectful, and caring.

If you’re the kind of people who can’t listen for other people’s opinions, stay away from discussing politics, religions, or the best font to use for a website…. or pretty much anything. Even if you find people with the same interest or goal, you will not be a 100% match. So, learn to be friendly, respectful, and caring.

Make it fun

Most people who use Facebook are looking to network passively, so they are more likely to engage with you if you are fun and entertaining. Use memes, funny stories, or humorous videos to grab people’s attention. Encourage other people to be part of the conversation.

Engaging Questions That You Can Use Today

Here are the 19 engaging questions that you can use to attract more engagement with your post.

Emoji Survey

  1. 🍩 or πŸ‰?
  2. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ or πŸš—?
  3. 🐢 or 😺?
  4. 🌊 or πŸ”?
  5. β›ˆ or β˜€οΈ?

General Questions

  1. What’s one nice thing you could do for others today?
  2. If you win a Powerball jackpot, how would you spend your money?
  3. If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
  4. Share your favorite quote that motivates you on a rough day.
  5. What could you talk for 30 minutes about with absolutely no preparation?

Current Trends

You need to replace the placeholder with whatever is trending right at the time you’re posting this question.

  1. What’s your [favorite/top 3] [action/comedy/chick flick] movie for [enter year]?
  2. Which [enter trending TV show/movie] character best represent you?
  3. Who do you like to hang out with? [Famous people 1] or [famous people 2]?
  4. What’s your all-time favorite book on [personal finance / keto diet / any subject]?

Fill in the Blanks

  1. My favorite way to relax after a long day is ________.
  2. ___________ always make me smile.
  3. During cold winter night, I just want to ____________.
  4. I wish I had _____________ to ____________.
  5. You can enjoy the best pizza in New York at ____________.

Finding Your Passion and Earning in the Process

Do you know what you can really get from finding your passion?

Let’s take a look at some extraordinary stories:

  • Dude Perfect, a group of friends who like to play sports, recorded and published their trick shots videos on YouTube. Ten years later, they worth $20 million.
  • Ryan Kaji, the 8-years old star of Ryan’s World, who reviewed toys and published his work on YouTube. After four years of having fun reviewing toys, his net worth is over $22 million.
  • Last but not least, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, started Facebook when he was in college and turned it into the biggest social media with over 2.3 billion active users per month.

Yes, those are some success stories of people who just do what they love to do. They didn’t plan on making it big. They just do the work because they love what they do.

And, that’s what you can get from finding your passion.

Passion vs Money

If you seem like you are stuck in your existing task, you have to reconsider your life and where you are taking it. You are the driver of your own vehicle and you choose where you will go. But you are just human so you must be open for mistakes and other obstacles that life might bring along your journey.

Living to earn is very different from earning money.

With the latter, you can be more daring. Life can be more enjoyable, specifically when you are pursuing the things that you actually like and generating income in the process. This is the reason that individuals who have selected a not likely path, so they can earn a good amount of cash, will likely feel the drawback of their choice at some time in their lives.

Comfort Zone

Are you at a location where you seem like you are currently too comfortable? This is not really a good thing. If you have actually been working the exact same job, which was not what you really wanted to do deep in your heart, you will be able to master the craft. You will know how to work your method through the task where you won’t get into any trouble. You will get your job done, you will be paid, then you will need to work over and over again the same tasks every day.

This situation may be offering you good money to live by. But are you living the life that you truly wished to attain? If not, then perhaps it is time to leave your comfort zone.

As Jim Collins, the author of “Good to Great”, exclaimed “Good is the enemy of Great“.

Earning from Your Passion

If you actually enjoy what you are doing, you will eventually excel in it. You can even pursue your passion as a side project aside from your real job. This is ideal for individuals who hesitate to lose their main source of income.

Hone your passion

Your passion can really generate more cash if you will have the ability to utilize them well to your benefit.

For example, you are great at singing, storytelling, or painting. You just need to use your talents, hone them and soon enough, you will surprise everybody that your passion has led you to more lucrative income sources.

If you open yourself to these kinds of possibilities, there will come a time when you can easily select your passion and drop the task that you don’t truly like and earn as much as well. This is an extremely perfect situation due to the fact that when you enjoy what you are doing, it will show in the quality of work that you are producing. It will likewise review how you live your life and your mindset towards anything that you might come across as you go through it.

However, setting the ideal objectives and discovering your passion might not be as easy as it seems to be. You truly have to concentrate on it so that you head in the right direction.